Working With Your Community

Construction & Maintenance jobs.
At the start of the project , jobs in construction of the greenhouses, Bio Gas plant and machinery are created. Many of these workers will go on to find full time employment in looking after the maintenence of the site once the project is completed
Agricultural jobs.
Once the project is completed many full time positions are created to plant, nurture and harvest the crops. Due to the nature of greenhouse production we do not see the drop of workers during "out of season" periods.
Transport and Delivery jobs
The crop is ready, now it needs to be packed and transported to local or international markets. Continued production through the year will gaurantee continued employment in the transport sector. Both at a local and international level.
Retail opportunities
The finished product has been distributed, now it needs to be sold. With the increased market for Organic Local Produce many opportunities arise in the retail sector. From small market stalls and farm shops to large supermarket chains. A good product will always sell.

Giving Back

EnergyBia believes in sustainable growth in the community.

At EnergyBIA we concentrate on modern systems that produce high value raw materials such as Gas, Heat, Electricity, Fertiliser and organically grown fruits and vegetables. Our model is based on complete self sufficiency, sustainability and flexibility so that the cycle of waste producing energy, energy producing food is complete and self feeding. The range of raw materials available will provide the flexibility. The ability to balance the outputs of the Plant / Greenhouse Site to market demands will secure its future. Every Plant / Greenhouse site creates over 60 full time jobs and 50-80 third party jobs in the local areas on a long term basis..

From the projects initial design and construction through to the marketing, transport and infrastructure required to sell the finished product many people will find continued long term employment

EnergyBIA not only saves you money on your energy bills, and can help the environment at the same time, but we put the heart back into the community with provision of employment.

And with more money coming into the community as wages, a steady growth in local services can be seen.