About EnergyBIA

EnergyBIA is a leading force in the supply and installation of renewable energy systems
The spotlight has fallen on waste over recent years. Currently Europe generates millions of tonnes of waste a year, a disproportionate amount to what is reused or recycled. The various governments are now trying to put measures in place to move towards a zero waste economy, which means that waste resources are fully valued and everything that can be reused and recycled is.

At EnergyBIA we have developed a complete process that produces high value raw materials such as Gas, Heat, Electricity, Fertiliser and organically grown fruits and vegetables.
Our model is based on self sufficiency, sustainability and flexibility so that the cycle of waste producing energy, energy producing food is complete and self feeding. The range of raw materials will provide the flexibility and the ability to balance the outputs of the Plant / Greenhouse Site to market demands that will secure its future.
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Did you know?

With the introduction of government incentives, anaerobic digestion (AD) is now a truly viable technology that offers huge potential for revenue generation for farmers and waste operators alike.

Organic materials are fermented for biogas to increase the biogas production. Plants that are grown for energy production are known as energy crops. With their help, new biomass can be made available year after year to produce electricity, heat and fuel.

Remember the average heat value of a cubic metre of biogas is approximately 0.55 litres fuel oil.

The residues make an ideal organic fertilizer in arable farming and crop production.